Restorative Dentistry | Mecury Free Fillings


Mecury Free Fillings services offered at Encino Dental Esthetics office of Kaivan Kiai, DDS

There are two types of filling materials: silver & white. Silver fillings are made of different types of metals & have been around for a long time but are somewhat controversial due to its mercury content. These types of fillings are not used as much readily because of their lack of cosmetics and presence of mercury. White fillings are made of resin & although they are very technique sensitive, they have some advantages over silver fillings: more cosmetic, & require less tooth 

preparation because they get "glued" onto tooth structure. "Glued" is technically called bonded, which is a chemical process adhering white fillings to tooth. Because of these white fillings are not "stuffed" into a cavity like silver fillings, which reduces tooth fracture as commonly seen with silver fillings.

With continuing advances in the dental field, we strive to provide state of the art procedures by keeping up with new, innovative research & technology. And the products we recommend & use are the highest quality & incredibly durable.