Ultrasonic Cleaning & Hygiene

Ultrasonic Cleaning & Hygiene


You’ve probably experienced a dental exam where the dentist spends time scraping away at your teeth. It’s called dental scaling and root planing, and it’s necessary for most patients to keep their teeth and gums healthy.In the past, scaling was done by hand — and it’s still a common procedure in dentistry today. Performed with a metal instrument known as a scaler, your dentist scrapes your teeth and under your gums to remove what your toothbrush might have missed.


But now there’s an easier way for your dentist to give you a gleaming smile! Ultrasonic dental cleaning is available to remove more dental tartar in less time, with less metal scraping!


Shake It Up!


You might be interested in an ultrasonic cleaning if:


You have a large buildup of dental tartar. Over time, the bacteria and dental plaque in your mouth form hard deposits of calculus, leading to tooth decay if left untreated. Unfortunately, your toothbrush isn’t going to help — only a dentist or dental hygienist can remove calculus from your teeth.


You have periodontal disease. Ultrasonic dental cleaning is used to remove dental calculus from under the gum line as well. As plaque creeps beneath the gums, it forms pockets of calculus that attack the surrounding gum and bone tissue. The result is gum disease, which can eventually lead to tooth loss. Scaling is usually the first type of gum disease treatment used to battle periodontal disease, and it can easily be performed with an ultrasonic dental cleaning system.


The Wave of the Future


Ultrasonic dental cleaning offers both the dentist and patient several benefits:


– Using state-of-the-art ultrasonic dental cleaning equipment cuts down on the time it takes for scaling and root planing by removing more dental calculus at once.


– The procedure is often effective in limiting the progression of the early stages of gum disease.


– Scaling isn’t painful and can usually be done without local anesthesia or sedation dentistry. If you do experience sensitivity, your dentist can provide options to make you more comfortable.


– Ultrasonic dental cleaning is so powerful it can reduce the appearance of tooth stains!


Ultrasonic cleaning should be combined with hand scaling for optimal effects. The ultrasonic scaler is primarily designed to remove only large deposits of dental calculus, leaving your dentist to manually remove any tartar that’s left behind.