Periodontal Disease

The greatest cause of adult tooth loss is periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease is an infection & inflammatory disease which destroys the periodontal tissues.  It is a gum & bone disease. Periodontal disease affects 3 out of 4 adults.  It is caused by a growing colony of living bacteria called "plaque".
In the early stages of periodontal disease there is little, if any pain; therefore, you may not notice the gradual onset of puffiness & occasional bleeding, especially while brushing. Without thorough removal, toxins from plaque cause the disease process to continue.

Periodontal disease left untreated may result in extensive bone destruction & tooth loss.

In our practice, we have implemented a Soft Tissue Management (STM) protocol that is specifically focused on each individual patient. As a part of complete oral evaluation & care, we routinely screen for signs of oral cancer, tooth decay, & gum disease.

If any of these 3 are present, we propose a customized treatment plan for each patient & treat them accordingly. Knowing that close to 80% of the general adult population suffers from some form of periodontal disease we look for & treat this problem to stop its progress & destruction.

If periodontal disease in not present, our patients are educated by providing them with the right tools & instruments to maintain their mouth healthy & away from signs of gum disease.

Since there is no cure for periodontal disease our patients are put through combination therapy of various methods to reduce the level of toxins in plaque & bringing them to a harmless level.

Research shows that periodontal disease is directly linked to various diseases a few of which are heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, & strokes. We take pride in educating our patients & maintaining them as healthy as possible.

Periodontal Disease services offered at Encino Dental Esthetics office of Kaivan Kiai, DDS

Periodontal Disease Treatment

The oral examination & study of your dental condition may have diagnosed that you have periodontal disease. Periodontal disease, is a silent, persistent bacterial infection around the gums & bone that support your teeth. What are the symptoms:

  • red, swollen, & tender gums
  • gums that bleed after brushing & flossing
  • persistent bad breath
  • pain while chewing
  • loose teeth
    • Early detection & conservative treatment, along with Soft tissue Management, is performed to control disease & avoid need for surgical treatment.

      As service to our patients & for their comfort, we try to perform almost every procedure needed in house. We have found over the years that it becomes an inconvenience for patients to travel to other offices to see different specialists. For this reason, for this reason, we are trained and certified to provide such services in house to our patients.

      For complex cases that require specialty work, we can arrange to have our specialists treat our patients in house, or we refer out to specialist that we trust and work closely with located close to our office.